Newborn Photography

Exclusively for Newborn babies up to 21 days young.

Congratulations on Your Perfect Little Baby

This new life that you have brought into the world is special and beautiful, and we would love to be a part of the welcoming fanfare to announce him or her to your family and friends.

Newborns grow up fast, which is why it’s important to get quality photos of them while they’re so cute and small.

This new arrival is a special time for both newborns and their parents. So many firsts await them: first smile, first laugh, first step.

We’d love to photograph them before those firsts happen so you can remember how small and precious they were once upon a time. Our facilities are a quiet and welcoming environment for newborn photography.

As you can see from our work portfolio, we have had some fun photo shoots in the past.

We love working with our parent customers to create the most special and fun photos possible.

Newborn Baby Photography (For Babies up to 21 Days)

Your baby will grow very quickly.

At first it seems like all your baby does is sleep, but then at the three week mark your baby will become restless and the growth really starts.

At three months the little baby that slept so peacefully will be looking around, watching your every move, totally dependent focussed on you.

In six to seven months your baby will be sitting up, eating solids and be very alert. Your baby is fasting developing a little personality and is starting to resemble you even more.

At twelve months your baby is most likely walking, and that’s when the fun starts! Below is a gallery of growth from seven days young to one year old. Isn’t it amazing how much a baby grows in just one short year?

That’s why it’s so important to capture this important time with a newborn session.

For best results we recommend 7-10 days young.

We have a range of props for use during the session. These include several animals (snail, dinosaur etc), little hats, little outfits, name blocks and a couple of bigger props being a few different style baby sized beds and our signature prop, the old wooden wagon made out of driftwood for that rustic antique feel. We are always adding props to our range to keep our sessions fresh and different.

In addition to the props, we also provide the more classic Black & White styles. At Cole Studios we have a wide format printer that can print any backdrop we like. Did you ever notice our ever changing backdrops? We print them all here in our studio.

Newborn Photography – Information


Comfortable Heated Studio

Babies love a warm cozy studio

General Image Editing

Colour and Exposure Adjustments


Wide Range of Props & Blankets

the Old Wagon, beds, blankets… lots of props available.


Choice of two studio sessions

Photographed in our relaxed, warm studio


Detailed Editing

Detailed editing is available on request for a small additional fee per photo.

Newborn Photography Packages

Package 1 – Newborn Only


Indoor Studio Session

In the A/C comfort of our studio located in Wollongong.


Newborn Only

Parent and Sibling shots not included.


Two Hour Session


Photography Props

Such as the little bed or other props in our studio


2 x 5"x7" Printed Photographs


2 x 6"x8" Printed Photographs


2 x 8"x10" Printed Photographs


USB of All Images


Package Price $595

Package 2 – Newborn & Family


Newborn & Family

Parent and Sibling shots included. Small furry friends welcome too.


Indoor Studio Session

In the A/C comfort of our studio located in Wollongong.


3 Hour Session

In our heated studio


USB of All Images


3 x 5"x7" Printed Photographs


3 x 8"x10" Printed Photographs


2 x 11"x14" Printed Photographs


Package Price $795

Newborn Photographic Books

Over the years there is nothing quiet like having a photo book to look back on each year as your baby grows. We have many customers that have a photo book from each year, from Newborn to 5 years old. We also have other customers that have a photobook for each child in the family when they were a newborn. A photobook is a great way to preserve this special time for many years to come. The images you choose in your package are used to make up these beautiful photobooks.

Newborn Baby Book

10 pages / 20 sides with a photo cover and a frosted sleeve.
This is our “keepsake” album cost effective album.
The album comes in one size being 10”x10”.
Hard pages and spine (very durable).

Newborn Deluxe Baby Book

12 pages / 24 sides with photo cover & beautifully designed box.
Album supplied with a clear magnetic acrylic cover.
Available in 10”x10” or 12’x12” size.
Hand made in Italy. Breathtaking.

Some of Our Favourite Images

To get the best possible results for your new baby’s photo session, we have spent a lot of time developing our own special techniques.

Our studio is a comfortable environment for you and your baby and we even carry spare nappies, dummies and wet wipes… just in case.

We also have a stocked customer drink fridge with soft drinks, water and low calorie drink choices, all free of charge.

Some photos are best with just your baby, but other photos look great with props. We cater for a very wide range of styles and we can replicate most photos you email us.

Please note that the “Details” scene with your babies length, weight, date of birth etc. is only available in a 20″x30″ photo or larger. This is because of the amount of photoshopping that goes into editing this one shot and also so the details can be easily read.

If you see a photo that you really like (say, on a commercial calendar etc), send it to us and we will do a Cole Studios version of that photo.

Each session we capture a lot of different expressions, emotions and various angles.

Some photos are super close for maximum detail, others a little further away. Some smiling, some more passive, we work a lot of different options for you.

The beauty about this is that you choose how much you want to spend and what photographs you want.

Each photograph is fully edited, beautiful, perfect and a lifetime memory. Distractions like skin flakes, baby acne and skin marks are all removed.

When you put these photos on your wall you will appreciate the beauty and the quality of a Cole Studios Newborn portrait.

Our Philosphy

Our Newborn sessions provide the best quality images. Each image has colour & exposure adjustments.

Our photographs are of the highest quality.

We asked many of our customers if they would prefer a large numbers of images with a basic edit (exposure and colour correction) or if they would prefer a smaller number of photographs but of a higher quality more polished image.

Our customers wanted the USB of all images but the option to have individual photos edited in greater detail.

This is now an option with any of our packages for a small additional charge per photo.


Detailed Editing

An example of the detailed editing we can do to photos you choose from your USB.

Most sessions have 10-12 scenes so there is plenty of choice and variety when selecting photographs.

Please note that this is an OPTIONAL offering.


If you look closely the images on the left, this is a standard (basic edit) photograph.


The photographs on the right have been zoomed out slightly, extra background added and blended, rotated slightly clockwise, brightened in specific areas, sharpened, skin flakes removed and skin blemishes removed.

Our photographs are provide un-watermarked and printed on archival quality “Luster” photo paper. Photographs can also be purchased on Canvas, print and mounted in our studio.

Photographs can be purchased in many different sizes and our pricing is competitive.

Quality Canvas Prints Direct From The Photographer

At Cole Studios we print our own canvas prints in our studio.

The images are printed, framed, and quality checked right here in our studio in West Wollongong. We have a strict quality control process and we guarantee a canvas that will last longer, look better and be printed exactly how we wanted you to see it.

We use the best quality canvas and genuine Canon inks. We have several canvas print sizes and can create custom sizes on request.

FACT: Our canvas prints are better priced and better quality than the online department stores. They will never fade and never lose their colour.

20"x20" Canvas - $129
20″x20″ Canvas – $129
40"x30" Canvas - $349
20″x30″ Canvas – $195
20"x30" Canvas - $195
40″x30″ Canvas – $349

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