Bridal Boudoir

The most unique gift, You!

Beauty Boudoir

Just for you, just for him.

Bridal Boudoir Photography

Sensual Boudoir photography just for you, just for him. Your’e getting married and you are thinking about a unique gift for your husband to be. Why not consider one of our Bridal Boudoir sessions.

Our Boudoir sessions are always classy and tasteful. The session is relaxed and empowering.

If you miss out on doing a boudoir session for your wedding then why not consider a session for your 1st wedding anniversary. What better gift than an album with your beautiful boudoir images.

Jason Cole, the lead photographer at Cole Studios has a long history of model photography at the highest levels (over 400 published photo shoots). Magazine like FHM, Ralph, 2DMAX, Fuel etc. Jasons style has always been classy and tasteful and he has a long history of beautiful tasteful glamour photography.

Your comfort and beautiful images are guaranteed.

We have packages to suit most budgets starting from just $595 (inc GST).

What is a Bridal Boudoir Session?

It’s a sensual boudoir photo shoot for brides-to-be who want to surprise their lucky partner with beautiful and classy, yet provoking images on their wedding night.

Most ladies bring their wedding lingerie, garter, shoes, stockings, veil and sparkly jewellery to the shoot for the true wedding night look!

You can wear whatever you like to the photo shoot, the choice is completely yours.

Why not mix it up and cover a range of styles, cheeky, sexy, theme, bridal, sensual etc?

Boudoir Session Packages

We have two packages to suit most budgets. If you would like a customised package please contact us.

Boudoir in Studio

The Boudoir Session is photographed in the privacy of our studio in Tullimbar. This session is more about you and is not a themed session. We provide ten edited images that you can put into your own album as your gift to your Groom on your wedding night. Hair & Makeup is not included but is available on request at an additional fee.


Studio Photo Session


1 Hour Session


10 x 8'x10' Photo prints (DIY)


Session Price: $595

Boudoir on Location

There is nothing quite like a Boudoir session in a beautiful location. The beauty about this session is you get to choose where you do the session. You can be anyone you ever desired! A beautiful old style heritage B&B (booked by you), the beach, a themed session, the choice is yours. The only limitation to this session is your imagination!


Boudoir on Location


2 Hour Session


Presentation Album with 20 Photos


Session Price: $895

In addition to the packages above, the entire set of photos can be purchased digitally for $249.

We also offer canvas prints for your bedroom. Please refer to our Canvas Print page for pricing.

More Details About our Beauty Boudoir Sessions


 Our sessions are designed to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. We strongly recommend booking our makeup artist  Jacinta Hansen who will be present and helping for the entire photoshoot. You will have a lot of fun and your comfort is our number one priority.

For the session you need to bring along any outfits you will be wearing. A spray tan always looks great. Wear loose clothes to the session. This will ensure you don’t have any strap marks on your body for the photography.

We also recommend a good breakfast and lots of water for a few days before. This will really show in your skin. We have plenty of ideas, but if you have any of your own ideas then please forward photos you like to our studio. We will do our best to match that style with our own brand of glamour blended into each photo.

We promise your expectations will be exceeded!

Boudoir Session Preparation

(getting the most from your session)


Go to bed early!

(sleeepy tired brides don’t make great subjects!)

Get a manicure & pedicure.

(clear french tip nail polish works with any style)

Get a nice even spray tan.

(do this naked so you don’t have any strap marks)

Wash your hair the night before.


Wear loose clothes to the session.

(no marks on your skin).

Drink plenty of water!

A well hydrated body is essential!

Send us photos you like!


Do any personal grooming the night before.


Relax ,have fun & Enjoy!

5 minutes in, the nerves will be gone! Guaranteed!

This is a once in a lifetime experience!