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Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

The Most Important Wedding Decision

Your Photographer and Videographer are two of the most important decisions you will make for your Wedding day.

The choice of photographer is critical to the success and the running of your day. The photographer is the one who makes sure everything runs on time and that you get to your formals, and then your reception on time and happy.

The photographer is the person responsible for organising the formal, family and all the other important shots of the day. Imagine getting to your formal photo shoot and your photographer has no idea what to do and turns to you for ideas?

It’s your Wedding day, you just want to enjoy it and let other people worry about these things. You want to be looking forward to receiving your Wedding photos after your honeymoon, not nervous about what is (and more importantly what isn’t) on the USB Presentation set!

How to Choose a Photographer and Videographer?

One word… Research!

Jump on Facebook, jump online, ask your friends, do your background work.

One of the worst mistakes you can ever make is to chose a photographer with limited or even worse no Wedding experience at all. This is a proven recipe for disaster. The other mistake is asking a friend to do it.

The amount of times I have had people come into our studio after their wedding (people that booked our studio partners Capture You Videography but got a friend or non experienced photographer to do the photography) is mind blowing. People often ask us to edit their photos to look like ours. This just can’t be done. The shots have to be right on camera. If the shot is blurry, it is blurry forever.

That beautiful memory of you & your dad walking down the isle, a tear in your dads eye, blurry, dark and lost forever.

I have personally had many conversations with brides saying they regretted their photography decision but try and find even one of our customers that regrets booking Cole Studios. I often get pulled up at Weddings and told horror stories by guests, the list goes on. If there is one place to save money its not the photographer or the videographer. Once your day is passed and the memories start to fade, what we capture is all you have left to remember one of the most important days of your life.


Free Handy Questionaire

Check out our Wedding Photography Guide, for lots of questions to ask your photographer. At the bottom of this page there is a handy checklist. Download it, ask your photographers these questions. We have already answered them for you. If you have any other questions… please ask us.

Mistakes / Mishaps by Non Experienced Wedding Photographers

Here is a brief list of what have I heard go wrong at Weddings with non experienced photographers. Just a few examples directly from the mouths of Brides and wedding guests I have spoken to personally. These are not made up, these are true events from Brides that all agree, they have made the worst decision of their Wedding planning. There is no point having regrets later. When your Wedding is done it’s too late. It’s not too late right now to avoid this if your not at your Wedding yet and you have made the wrong decision. Call us today! Satisfaction guaranteed.

  • No or missing family photos. This is a common complaint.
  • Late for the reception by over an hour as the formal photo timing was not correct.
  • Photographer had no ideas, Bride and Groom stressed as they had to think of ideas. No organisation.
  • Only one camera and flash, flash failure – Photographer had to borrow a guest camera.
  • Only one camera. The battery went flat and no spares. The photographer had to borrow a guest camera.
  • Only one camera and the camera fell off the table and broke, photographer had to borrow a guest camera.
  • Photographer late. Missed most of the ceremony.  Photographer left early to go out with friends. Missed formalities, cutting of cake, Bridal waltz etc. Photographer was a family friend.
  • Many photos out of focus as camera focussed on background (AUTO mode). Reception shots dark and blurry as camera shutter was too slow (AUTO mode).
  • Eight months had passed and still no photos from the photographer. No reply or answer. Bride very upset.

The list goes on… these are the mishaps that really stand out to me, the times where I’m standing there with my mouth open saying “OMG are you serious???”

It goes without saying that none of these problems have ever or will ever occur using Cole Studios. Our customers love us, just ask them.

Comparing Photographers

Cole Studios has over 1400 Weddings of experience. We have backup photographers and a team of four trained photographers. ALL our photographers are trained and go through an exhaustive evaluation period overseen by me personally before they are let out on their own to photograph your Wedding.

We guarantee your photos back to you four weeks after your Wedding (and we usually have them back quicker than that), edited, full USB3 sets of all images in high resolution (printable to billboard size). We keep your photos for three years in case you ever need to purchase another copy.

We also don’t substitute photographers. The photographer assigned on booking is the photographer that will photograph your Wedding. No unexpected surprises on your day. In the unlikely event a photographer is sick (and the photographer has to be very sick) we have backup photographers.

We assist the entire day, we don’t miss shots and we are very experienced as we have been shooting Weddings since 1999. At Cole Studios we don’t make excuses, we deliver results.

Don’t be a statistic, contact me today!

Thank you,
Jason Cole (lead photographer at Cole Studios).

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