Aerial UAV (Drone) Services

Cole Studios is the leading photographer in the Illawarra. As the leading photographer we are always looking for something new we can bring to the market. One of the areas we specialise in is Aerial UAV (Drone) photography and Videography. The term UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. If you want that “WOW” factor that sets your business apart from others then please consider our affordable Drone Photography.

Cole Studios is also RePL & ReOC certified and will soon be ReOC certified. (We are licensed unlike many others). We can legally fly in no fly zones and some restricted zones with the written permission from CASA which we submit and have approved.

Our still Drone photographs are 20 megapixels in size (up to 200mb with photo stitching), so plenty big enough for any application. Our cinematic videography can be up to 4K at 60fps which means super clear silky smooth video. We can provide Drone services nationally right across the country.

The difference with us is that we were photographers first, so we know how to compose an image / video.

Photography & Videography

Our Drones are the latest technology assuring you of the best possible Quality. Before each flight we speak to our customers and find out exactly what you want. We then customise each project to your exact requirements. Our photographs and videos have been used for many purposes such as advertising, film, marketing and corporate events.

Progress Video

We offer scheduled time frame GPS aerial progress photography. Our drones are programmed to fly the exact same GPS path every flight. We can take a photo at the same airborne GPS location each flight. With these photographs you can build up a series of shots from your site each week (or what ever time frame you need) to end with progress shots of the build from start to finish always from the same vantage point. We also offer aerial videography with the same options as above. At the end of the project we produce a progress video that starts from earth and ends with a finished building at each stage of the build.

Commercial Imagery

There is something uniquely different about a Drone shot for your new project. We can capture angles that previously were impossible (or at the least very expensive). We can provide regular construction progress photographs and videography as well as marketing materials. We are real photographers, so we see the angles many Drone only operators don’t. We have 20+ years of photography experience.

Site Inspections

Our Drones offer LIVE video feed in high resolution, so you can actually watch what we are doing and guide the drone for the perfect shot or angle that you need. We can record in 4K video for super clear images and take 20 megapixel still images. We can fly up to 400 feet (higher with CASA approval) and can fly within one metre of most objects. Our Drones are super accurate even in the wind. Note we will only fly where it is legally allowed. Some sites are flight restricted but we can let you know if your site is ok to fly & gain permission legally to fly there.

“Our company mission is to always provide the most creative aerial imagery possible. With today’s Drones, aerial photography opens up a wealth of possibilities at a fraction of the cost”

Photography and Videography

Our Drones have 4K cameras that can record in any video format up to 4K @ 60fps. We generally record everything in 4K at all times as we can easily downscale the video as needed. This gives our customers maximum flexibility. The Drones we use all have live HD feeds directly back to the DJI Smart Controllers. Our customers can see exactly what is being filmed and have live input into the final product as its being filmed. We encourage customers to get involved and value your input immensely.

The still camera function on our Drones offer incredible detail at 20 megapixels which is big enough for almost any application (even a billboard). Our Drones shoot in RAW format so the editing and finished product is simply breathtaking. We can even shoot burst mode to get a sequence or that absolutely perfectly framed shot. As we are real photographers / videographers we add this element to our service offerings.

Progress Photography / Videography

As we mentioned above we can program our drones to fly the exact same GPS flight path every time.

Commercial Photography

There are many different options for commercial photography. Some of our past customers have asked for progress shots as a building or development is being built, others have asked for a completed set of still images & video once their project is finished. What ever the requirement we can provide a great service that covers all your requirements.

We are a very responsive company. We can photograph & film your commercial project and have the photographs and video back to you the next day if required (our normal time frame is five working days). In some cases we have even had the imagery back the same day. We understand that time is money!

Site Inspections

It’s a lot more cost effective to send a drone into a hard to reach or dangerous environment. We can fly to virtually any location and take detailed images. Rather than sending a manned team up, our drones can do the same work in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the costs.

You will be able to watch a live high definition feed and guide the drone pilot to exactly what you want. The photos and / or video will be available shortly after landing to verify the results were achieved. We do this onsite so if there is any need to do more photos and video we can do it then and there. This way we can guarantee the results. We have a flat rate for each site, no matter how many times we go up into the skies!

The image above is the full image and the image below is zoomed in from that image (to see the detail in the original image).

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