Food Photography

Food photography is just as artistic as the food itself. An expert chef knows his flavours and recipes. But more than that, an expert chef must know about presentation. The presentation of the food a chef serves is just as important as the taste of the food itself. We at Cole Studios understand that presentation is everything, and we work hard to get the best photo that captures the essence of each dish.

Professional Food Photography Is an Art in Itself

It is a specialised field that relies greatly on knowledge of food, but with an artistic touch.

The Secret to Amazing Food Photography

We have found that the secret to photographing amazing food photography is really quite simple.

There are plenty of other photographers out there who have high-end cameras and have taken a couple shots here and there and advertise themselves as professional photographers. Do you really want to trust the image of your beautiful dishes with just anyone?

We offer competitive prices for our services, but you’ll find that we go above and beyond what other photographers offer in terms of understanding artistic presentation, highlighting the features and quality of your dish, and bringing out the rich flavours through magazine-quality photos.

If you are not familiar with food styling or are not sure if your food is looking as delicious as it could, we can help! We have experience working with food styling and know how to bring out the unique characteristics of each dish. You can trust our artistic eyes and attention to detail. We also welcome input from you and want you to be 100% satisfied with your photos.

Your food is your business. And how it looks in print is even more crucial. You can trust Cole Studios to capture the flavours and sensations of your food in beautiful, rich photos. Contact us to book a consultation today. Our schedule gets quite busy, so we suggested booking 3-6 weeks in advance.

However we are available to help if you’re in a rush.

The Entire Dish Must Be in Focus

A dish that is partly in focus might be good for a magazine article, but for a brochure or a website / restaurant photo board, the food must be sharp.

The Colours Must Be Accurate

The food must look tasty and the colour must be accurate to the food. There is no room for colour casts here.

Endless Options

We can provide many options for food photography from the basic food on a white background to a hero shot where we fully customise a theme based photo shoot.

The only limit is your imagination.

A combination of good photography, sometimes a little editing and some creative ideas gives the best possible results.

Nothing increases sales more than accurate images of your food menu items, right when your customers are making a decision on what to purchase.

Accurate Colours

Capture your food products as they are meant to look.

Captured Fresh

We photograph your food items on site, just as they are made.

Props and Environment

Photograph food items using props and other visual cues.


It has never been more affordable to photograph your entire menu.

A Sample of Our Work

View some of our recent food photography photos.

Notice the sharp focus across the whole dish as well as the vibrant colours.

Incredible Photos You Can Almost Taste!

The beauty about choosing Cole Studios for your Food Photography is that we come to you.


We come to your Kitchen


We come to your Restaurant


Wherever you are... we come to you!


We have our food photography table, our portable studio lights, tripods, cameras etc.

We bring all of our required studio equipment to your location.

Fresh, piping hot food photographed on location!

Your food products will look pristine and fresh, right from the oven or stove.

Affordable Pricing

Now is the time to have your entire menu photographed by professionals, at a very affordable price.


Prices start from $600 + GST

Includes up to four hours and a USB of all images and full commercial rights for usage within your business and advertising.

For less than $700

You could have your entire menu photographed.

We do all the hard work on camera

So there is minimal editing required.

All the colours and the texture of the food

are captured beautifully, just how it looks in real life.

Years of Experience

Cole Studios has been photographing food and menu items for over ten years in Wollongong.

We can provide you with simple shots like those on this page, or if you prefer a more complex image, we can style a shot such as a loaf of bread on a bread board in an old kitchen.

The possibilities are endless.


As a rule we always shoot at the same angle

So when you put together your menu or website, all the food items look consistent.

The beauty about Cole Studios coming to your location

We can capture your food in the freshest possible state.

Our photos often have steam coming off the food as they are literally just out of the oven!

We can even add the steam look later if you prefer.

We have all the equipment

Including product tables and special lighting to really make your product stand out.

Success Using Stunning Imagery

Remember, the strength of your food photography determines the
success of your kitchen.

People are visual and like to see what a dish looks like when
choosing their meal from the menu.

Visual accuracy is most important.

Get a Quote Today

It has never been more affordable to have your entire menu photographed by professionals.

Prices start from $600 + GST.

This includes up to four hours and a USB of all images and commercial rights for usage.

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