Live Streaming and Recording Services

Firstly, we would like to offer our sincerest condolences.

During Covid (and in todays busy world) it’s not always possible for everyone to attend your loved ones funeral service.

Sometimes people just live too far away or can’t get time off. 

It was with this in mind we created our affordable Live Streaming & memorialising services.

Live Streaming Services

At Cole Studios we offer Live streaming and recording services for your loved ones celebration of life. We stream multi angle, high definition audio/video services with crystal clear audio and we also offer a permanent record of the eulogies and the service.

Many customers have told us that this gives them comfort in the days, months and years ahead.

Our film option is a great way to sit back, reflect and take in the entire service and beautiful eulogies. It is such an emotional day and many people say the day of the service is often a blur. 

live streaming services

Why Choose a Live Stream?

Why Record it?

Our Live Stream and Recording of the funeral service allows all your family and friends to watch the service live over the internet and be a special part of your loved ones send off.

We strongly recommend the video service as in today’s high tech world not everything always goes to plan. Streaming is an extremely complex service with many many moving parts. 

It’s very unlikely but also possible that there may be a data outage or some other issue that stops the stream from going forward. It is for this reason that we recommend to record the stream as well. 

We stream to Facebook for our Live Streams. On request we can stream to almost any platform. 

With Live Streaming, the platforms monitor the content and because our customers use copyrighted songs in the services, platforms like Facebook often (always) mute the audio and restrict the audience to our login only. A recorded video is a great way around this to share the entire service in its entirety with all music intact.

After the service we upload a completed video to our Google Drive that can then be shared and watched by anyone you would like to share it with. The video is available for three months to watch or download.

Our Live Streaming Equipment

At Cole Studios we use the latest Live Streaming equipment.

We have up to 4 mirrorless cameras, a Live Streaming switching deck, stereo audio senders, HDMI audio/video senders and a Telstra 5G wireless dongle that gives us maximum internet connectivity (required for Live Streaming)  almost anywhere.

We have made all our of our cameras completely wireless, so no messy cables. This allows us to place our cameras in unique positions far away from our main switching deck. It’s also a lot safer! We are  completely battery powered so we can stream anywhere.

As the service progresses we switch live between the various cameras depending on what’s happening at the time. 

We even have a mobile live streaming camera that we dynamically move around and even follow the service all the way to the departure.  

We see our Live Streaming Services as a celebration of a life well lived, being remembered and preserved for all …

Memorial Service Package

We understand that this is a very difficult time and we we have streamlined our service offering into one package:

$1250 (inc GST) – 2 staff, 1 hour Live Streaming of the entire service plus a saved personalised memorial film of the entire event. This includes 2 hours of setup and roughly 45 minutes of packdown as well as the service filming.

We also have a placeholder with your loved ones name and details at the start and end of the LiveStream. If you send us a photo we can include that as well.

The film is uploaded onto our Google Drive where anyone can download and keep it. It’s there for 3 months from the date of the service.

It’s a beautiful memory of a life well lived. 

Serving the Illawarra, Shoalhaven, Southern Highlands and Sydney

If you have any questions regarding our service please Contact Us and we ill be more than happy to help.