Live Streaming Services

Our Live Streaming Services are available in Wollongong, the South Coast and almost anywhere you need us!

In todays Covid-19 climate more and more people are staying at home and can not attend weddings, funerals and events.

It was with this in mind that we introduced Cole Studios Live Streaming in Wollongong.

Cole Studios can LiveStream anywhere that there is a cellular mobile connection.

Our Live Streaming is filmed with high grade cameras in high definition multi angle video with crystal clear audio.

Our customers have used our services for Weddings, Funerals, Corporate Presentations, Product releases, training etc. If you want to get your message out to many many more people then consider Cole Studios Live Streaming.

For Funeral LiveStreaming please visit our dedicated page.

How does it work and why do you need it?

Live Streaming allows your family and friends to be there and witness the event live as it happens in real time. Our Live Feed streams are crisp and have clear audio. Having great audio is crucial to providing the entire experience.

Our Live Streams are available on Facebook so anyone from anywhere can see the proceedings no matter where they are in the world.

You also have the option of having your event recorded in multi angle video with crisp stereo sound. This is particularly useful if the area does not have great reception as the LiveStream is totally dependant on cellular coverage so if it drops out you still have the entire service recorded.

Our mission is to provide an audio/video experience that is live and dynamic and that anyone can watch effortlessly from anywhere in the world.

LiveStreaming is the next best thing to actually being there!

If you are going to do something, do it right! 

We have a purpose built control deck that connects up to four cameras.

 Each camera has a different view or perspective.

 For example at a funeral service we use three cameras, one facing the congregation from the front, another camera at the back of the entire congregation and the third angle zoomed into the lectern where the speakers recite their eulogies.

 We can even plug a slideshow / video into our fourth angle.

 As the service progresses we transition (fade) between cameras for maximum immersion and presence (like you are actually there).

 We also have remote video & audio senders, so no messy and dangerous cables, it’s all done wirelessly!

 We have multiple “Zoom” stereo audio sources for crisp clear sound.

 And the best part! We are 100% completely self contained so we don’t need any AC power or physical network.

 We can literally LiveStream from anywhere that has cellular coverage.

 For our cameras, we don’t use mobile phones,

 We use advanced SLR & Mirrorless cameras with the best quality lenses for maximum clarity in your presentation.

 Contact us for your Live Streaming needs in Wollongong and the South Coast.


Packages starting from only $850

We have quality Live Streaming packages to suit most requirements.

Our Live Streams can be utilised for any event where you need a much larger remote audience or where your audience is geographically distant.

Live Streaming is also a much more cost effective way of training.

Events we have Live Streamed includes, Weddings, Funerals, corporate events, Training sessions, conferences & workshops.

Our Live Streams are streamed to Facebook. We can stream to almost any social media platform.

We can even stream to a private group to keep your stream secure.

Our Streaming packages start at one hour streaming with up to three cameras from different angles and include a pre streaming meeting on the phone to make sure your expectations are met.

We can stream for as long as you need and even multiple days!

It’s a great way of conducting learning remotely.

At the conclusion of the stream we can even produce a high definition video of your entire event, complete with the various cuts to different camera angles and clear precise professional stereo audio.

There is virtually no limit to what we can achieve with Live Streaming!

And 100% Covid safe!