Cole Studios Live Stream Services are available for concerts, funerals, corporate functions, birthdays, weddings, or any other event you can think of, enabling you to reach audiences around the corner, or around the globe. With the ability to stream from up to 8 high-definition cameras, even the largest events can be covered from many different angles and perspectives, complete with crystal clear audio. All our cameras are battery powered and fully wireless, therefore they can be placed just about anywhere. In addition, our mobile streaming camera allows us to capture any angle from anywhere, giving viewers a truly immersive experience. 

We can also record your event without Live Streaming and make the video available on a private link for download. 

what is live stream cinema?

Live Stream Cinema is the process of setting up multiple cameras and audio to broadcast any event to the internet. At Cole Studios, we stream live to YouTube, Vimeo, or any platform you require. We create a cinematic look and feel and produce a finished film of the entire event with amazing sound and image clarity (Full HD 1080P).  The event is then available to be downloaded from our Google drive for 4 weeks after the event. No one misses out.

Why we are different from our competition

We have done our homework! We have looked at much of our competition and we believe we have a far superior product. When we looked at others, their video was often shakey, poor composition, started and ended abruptly and the audio was in most case, almost impossible to hear. It was full of echos and very hard to understand. Their videos were very frustrating to watch and and understand. It was simply not a quality product.

Crystal clear, ultra high quality audio is crucial to a successful LiveStream.

In contrast our films have crystal clear audio,  we have great composition as we were film makers first then LiveStreamers. Our films are clear and well composed. We constantly switch between four cameras with a front camera facing back into the crowd. No other Livestreamer has this. We add a starting and ending scene to the films and we also add the persons name, D.O.B. & D.O.D. We like to think of our films as a precious memory of a life well lived. Like many other things, with LiveStreaming you get what you pay for. We are  reasonably priced for the quality of our work and we have passion for what we do.

“OK ” is not good enough for us, hence our 5 star Google rating with over 130 reviews. 


As Covid limits are placed upon funeral attendances, live streaming has become the norm for such events. At Cole Studios, our team can deliver the entire service as it happens, around the country or around the world. Using multiple cameras, we capture every moment, live. Audio is just as important, and we use a combination of personal (lapel) and fixed microphones to clearly capture even the quietest speaker as they deliver their eulogies. Using our mobile livestream camera, we even follow the casket out of the church and through the mourners until the hearse departs, allowing viewers maximum inclusion and experience. A finished film of the entire event will be made available on our secure Google Drive for anyone to watch or download within 24 hours of the service.

We pride ourselves on being discreet and non-intrusive; being especially sensitive to the gravity of this day. 

We have a rear camera that shows the crowd and the front of the service, a front camera that points back into the crowd to see the families and a third camera that zooms right in to the speaker at the lectern.  We can literally zoom from the other end of the room like we are standing right in front of the speaker. We stream live and direct to YouTube or any platform you require.

We pride ourselves on being non intrusive, blending in and we are especially sensitive to the gravity of this day. 

The Mobile LiveStream Camera

Cole Studios has introduced a first again in Live Streaming. We have introduced the mobile Live Stream camera that streams the service all the way out to the send off. It takes the viewer all the way for the maximum inclusion and experience. As far as we can see, Cole Studios is the first and only company to offer this unique service. We follow the casket out of the church and through the mourners discreetly until the Hearse departs.

Drone Footage

At certain locations, we may use our fully licensed drone for a beautiful ending to your film. This must be arranged prior to the ceremony as flight permits and local government permissions may be required. We can merge our drone footage directly to the Live Stream for maximum immersion and viewer involvement; a beautiful tribute to a life well lived.

The finished Film

Livestream technical requirements

A Live Stream service is a very complex offering with many moving parts. We require a 4G/5G mobile phone signal to be able to Live Stream. From time to time, the signal may drop out and the stream cannot proceed. In these cases, we still record the entire event and will have the finished film available on our Google drive to download and watch within 4 hours of the function concluding (or the next morning for a night function). Clients should be fully aware of this possibility (although unlikely) before booking our services. We cannot always guarantee a good signal, and no signal means no Live Stream!

livestream pricing

Every Live Stream has different requirements based on number of cameras required, staffing, travel, etc. For example, a three camera Live Stream includes two staff and a finished film of the entire event, but there’s the optional Mobile Live Stream camera and drone (weather and permits allowing). A travel fee is incurred for distances greater than 30 km from Wollongong CBD. Please send us an email detailing your requirements so we can provide you with a competitive quote. 

livestream inclusions & exclusions **

Our Live Stream service includes multiple cameras and professional audio. We also supply a finished film of the event following its conclusion. The film includes any music and slideshows that are played at the service. 

The Live Stream service does not include setup and/or playing of AV presentations / music / audio / slideshows at the venue. This is a separate function to the Live Streaming service. AV services are usually handled by the venue. However, we can organise AV services at an additional cost; additionally, we require access to the venue prior to the day for setup and testing.

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