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Don't get Tricked

As a consumer, it is very important that I get good value for money for whatever I purchase. There is nothing worse than being ripped off or being quoted a price and then discovering the real cost is double (or triple) the quote.

At Cole Studios you will never get ripped off or tricked into buying something extra. We don’t have any hidden extras and everything we charge for is listed on our pricelist. There is nothing more for you to pay. Below are some questions you should ask your photographer and our responses to these questions.

Important Questions to Ask Your Photographer

Read our answers below…

Are all the photos from our event included, or just a cut down selection of images?

At Cole Studios we supply all images from every shoot. There is nothing more to pay.

If a cut down set is supplied, how much for the entire set of all photos?

Once again, at Cole Studios we supply all images from every shoot. There is nothing more to pay.

Are all the images High Resolution (printable) and if so how large can we print from them?

All our images are supplied in High resolution. You could print a billboard from our images. There is nothing more to pay.

Are the images edited? Exposure / Colour Correction etc? If not what is the cost of editing?

Cole Studios has a process where all images are edited and finished before delivery to the customer. There is nothing more to pay.

After my photoshoot, do you keep images on file in case I lose or damage my disk? If not why not?

Yes we do. Cole Studios keeps all images for five years after the shoot.

Are you a full time photographer… or a part time photographer?

This is a very important question to ask your photographer. Cole Studios is a full time photography business. We live and breath photography. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t have Monday to Friday jobs, so we can work on getting you great shots and getting them back to you in a timely fashion. We are also available when ever you need us. Unlike other photographers that work other jobs during the week, we have the time to edit and design.

We have service guarantees for all our products. This is our primary work, so we have to do the best job we can. We don’t have a day job to fall back on so our work always has to be first class. The weekend photographer does not always have this same pressure as if they don’t deliver on their promise to you, they can always go back to their usual day job.

Another advantage of hiring a full time photographer is that we have been around for a long time (Cole Studios – 15 years) and we will be around for a long time to come. In three years if you lose or misplace your Wedding USB’s we will still be here and we will still have copies of your precious memories. Where will the part time photographer be?

Do you offer a crazy discounted $29 photography package?

Cole Studios pricing is upfront and complete on our pricelist. We have a great quality product at a fair and upfront price. The danger with the smaller packages some photographers offer is all the hidden costs after the photoshoot. For example, we charge a flat rate of $495 for a newborn shoot (including a High Resolution USB). There is an immense amount of work, training and preparation that goes into a Newborn photoshoot, much more than you may realise.

In comparison, another photographer charges $150 for a sitting fee then has packages from $700 to $1300+ and they do not include a USB. If you wanted any more photos printed you have to keep going back to the photographer and you have to keep paying and paying. One of our competitors charges $1500 for a USB of 30-40 images. All this is often explained after the shoot and after the photos are in front of you. At Cole Studios we offer the shoot and USB for a fixed price and there is nothing more to pay. We offer complete transparency. 

Quality vs Quantity

On the surface, some photographers seem to offer a lot in their packages. It is important to look at photography as the number one priority, not the added extras. We recently had a bride that booked a photographer for her Wedding as they had an album and prints and were the same price as our ‘photography only’ package. The bride was caught out though as the album was cheap and poor quality and the prints were printed on a home printer. The worst part about the deal was the photography. She hated the photos.

Would she have been better off to go for less quantity and greater quality? If you have great photos you can do anything later, after the Wedding, after the expense, but if you don’t have great photos to start with, do you really want to show them to anyone? It is a waste of money to have your memories presented in a cheap, poor quality album.

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