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Lets face it, these days weddings are getting more and more expensive. It was with this in mind that we created our affordable quality wedding videography packages.

Our packages start at the ceremony.

When we spoke to our customers after their wedding that did not get a wedding video they overwhelmingly regretted it (over 98%).

It was with this in mind that we decided to create a more basic (but quality) video package that we can offer along with our Gold or Platinum packages.

Don’t just take our word for it though…. read on…

Will I regret not getting a video?

Videography Packages

Below are the four packages we currently offer. All of our packages include multiple static angles, professional audio recording for crisp clear sound and are supplied in 4K & 1080P.

Wedding Ceremony Sample – Password is: password

Wedding Video Highlight Sample – Password is: password

The Fine Print

We have spent a considerable amount of money investing in new equipment, software, training and techniques to bring this product offering to the market at this price point. In order to keep the pricing low and the quality high we have made T&Cs that you must accept before booking our wedding video services.

Terms & Conditions

Please Read Carefully

  • Our wedding videos start at the ceremony and we currently do not offer preparation video.
  • Videography is not offered after the bridal waltz / father daughter dance.
  • Our videos are multi angle to keep the video interesting to watch.
  • We use “Zoom” quality audio recorders for maximum audio clarity.
  • For outdoor ceremonies we can not guarantee that the audio will not have wind noise. We use audio socks to reduce this.
  • We require 45 minutes before the ceremony to setup the video and audio.
  • Our videos are delivered as a digital download via wetransfer.com or we can put them on a portable hard drive that you supply to us.
  • Due to the size of the files it is not possible to put the video on USB (as the limitation is 4GB and our wedding films are larger than that).
  • Our videos are delivered “as is” and no changes are permitted.
  • We do not supply the “raw video” files under any circumstances. The customer receives the edited finished video only.
  • Unlike our photography, videography does not have the option of using dual cards in the video camera for backup. With this in mind we cannot guarantee a card will not corrupt and footage may be lost. We use multiple angles to reduce this risk but there is always a risk when using a single card for recording. At present the camera manufacturers do not have an option to use dual cards.
  • Our videos are designed to be a mid level video with good quality audio and video and are priced accordingly.
  • Wedding Video delivery time is 6-8 weeks after your wedding. We will try and get it back to you faster but quality takes time.
  • Our wedding packages are not sold or offered as a standalone product at this time. You need to book your wedding photography with us first.
  • Once the customer books our video services, a contract detailing all the conditions above will be emailed to you. This contract must be signed and agreed to then we will confirm your wedding videography booking.

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