Food Photography is an art in itself.

The secret to good food photography is simple. The entire dish must be in focus (a dish that is partly in focus might be good for a magazine article etc but for a brochure or a website / restaurant photo board the food must be sharp.

The other secret is colour. The food MUST look tasty and the colour must be accurate to the food. There is no room for colour casts here.

This food photography was for the Win Entertainment Centre in Wollongong.

Cole Studios has been photographing Food Photography in Wollongong for over ten years. We can provide you with simple shots like these, or if you prefer we can style a shot such as a loaf of bread on a bread board in an old kitchen. The possibilities are endless.

We have all the equipment including product tables and special lighting to really make your product stand out. Remember, the strength of the food photos determines the success of your restaurant.

We come to you so we can capture your food as fresh as possible, straight from the oven. Many of our photos have steam still coming from the fish and you can almost taste the chicken.

This is our guarantee to you of the best possible result. We have lots of creative ideas and you wont believe how affordable we are!

Professional Food Product Photography

It has never been more affordable to have your
entire menu photographed by professionals.

We create incredible photos you can almost taste!

The beauty about choosing Cole Studios for your Food Photography
is that we come to you.

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