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Your special day has come and we would love to be a part of it. Cole Studios has been photographing weddings for over 17 years. We work alongside our customers to provide gorgeous professional photography in the natural beauty of the Illawarra and we know the best places to photograph on the South Coast because we’re local. We have found the most beautiful locations and scenery for photos in all of Wollongong to capture the perfect wedding photography.

We work alongside you. That means that we help look at your plan for your special day and create opportunities for us to capture each special moment. A great photographer doesn’t just take photos. They work with the couple to create time for precious moments to be captured.

We go above and beyond what other photography studios offer, we can guarantee you that.

You will find that our prices are extremely competitive and we offer more in our packages.

Cole Studios has become a longstanding professional wedding photography service in Wollongong. While others have come and gone we have been around since 1999. We can’t wait to discuss your special day!

A Small Selection of Some of Our Favourite Wedding Photos

We have several packages to suit almost any budget

Cole Studios may look expensive but we are not. Our pricing is very competitive and our packages have many many extras.

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Cole Studios – Wollongong Wedding Photographer

There is so much choice these days when looking for a Wedding Photographer on the South Coast. When you start discussing your wedding plans with your friends, it seems like every second person is a photographer.

So how do you choose a real photographer as opposed to someone that just likes to take photos? How do you know they are fully qualified to capture the biggest day of your life? how do you know you will be happy?

The most important advice we can give you is to do some research.

  • Search Google for a generic term like “Wollongong Wedding Photographer”.
  • Inspect their work closely and look at all the details.
  • Take your time and look at each photo. Picture yourself right there, in those photos. Would you be happy with the results?
  • Are their photos bright and sharp (in focus)?
  • Are the photos unique and creative?
  • Do they have other customers you can talk to for reference?
  • Will they guarantee the actual photographer for your big day and not send someone else?

Mobile Studio Lighting – Stand Out From The Crowd!

This is the secret to creating rich vibrant punchy colours, every time, in most conditions. We were the first photographer to introduce Portable Battery powered Studio Lighting into the Wedding industry in Wollongong. Before us, no one else used this type of technology and even now, only a select few professional photographers utilise Mobile Studio Lighting. But why is that?

The simple answer is that our lighting rig is exclusive, something that only pure professional photographers would purchase and maintain.

It all sounds great but what is Mobile Studio Lighting?

It’s a lighting system where we set the camera exposure for the background; which could be a rich blue sky or a dark beautiful  thunderstorm approaching… Whatever the sky is on your Wedding Day, we will capture that sky…..

The Mobile Studio Light is like a giant flash, portable and very bright. We light you both at the same brightness as the background. So you have a beautifully lit foreground subject and a vibrant background. People often say our photos look ‘Alive’.

Below are just a few examples of our photography using Mobile Studio Lighting.

Available Light

Available light is also known as natural light. Cole Studios utilises a lot of available light as well as our award winning studio lighting. We generally do both styles and our customers are very pleased. Natural light gives the image that soft warm feeling and is a very popular style we offer. The main difference is, natural light looks softer with warmer colour tones. Studio Light looks much more vibrant with rich punchier colours and incredible image clarity.

Below are just a few examples of our Photography using Available Light.

Rain & Storms

Just because it rains on your wedding day doesn’t mean the wedding photos won’t be spectacular. Some of our best work has been on wet raining days. At Cole Studios we have very experienced photographers.

Our glass is always half full, not half empty and we will always find a way around the bad weather. We know under cover locations and we know the best places to get out of the storm as we are local experienced photographers. Some of our best work has been on stormy days just like the photos below. Ask yourself, if these were your wedding photos would you be happy?

For your outdoor ceremony we do recommend an undercover backup location.

Night Shots – To Complete a Perfect Day

One of the challenges for a modern photographer is low light and night shots. Cameras don’t perform as well as the human eye in low light and at night. It is up to a Professional Photographer to be able to manipulate the camera settings in [M]anual mode to best achieve a crisp sharp exposure in very low light. We are masters at low light photography.

Candid – Great Unexpected Results

The Candid photos are the ones that everyone loves the most, the special or the silly moments when people don’t know they are being photographed. These are the memories that remain long after your special day has come and gone. Cole Studios has packages that utilise one or two photographers to photograph your Wedding. One of the main jobs of a second photographer on your day is to capture the candid moments.

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Cole Studios is the premier Wollongong Wedding Photographer for your special day.

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International Multi-Award Winning Photographer

Anyone can make claims about how good they are. But here at Cole Studios, we have have the awards presented to us from our peers to prove it. What I like about awards (as a photographer and an artist) is that it puts me up against the best of the best in this industry.

People might look at a photo and like it as the bride might be really pretty or the background might be incredible, but what makes a really good photo? The only way to really know and to really grow and develop is to have your work judged by other successful photographers.

We have won many awards both locally and internationally and have competed against the best in this industry. Below are just a few of the many awards we have won.

Attention to Detail

At Cole Studios we are always looking at the background and the smaller details in our photography. Your job on your big day is to enjoy the day and let us worry about all the little things. Recently we were on the “Pontoon” on Sydney Harbour and the ceremony was at sunset. Everything went extremely well and it came time to sign the certificate.

As the couple sat down I was looking at the background. I politely asked the couple to move the table which they did. The results speak for themselves. This is one of the differences between a real photographer and someone that just takes photos. If I had not intervened then the background would have been much less interesting. Picture yourself here, which background would you prefer? And this is what Alicia Bree said, the bride in these photos….

“A huge shout out to a wonderful photographer and his side kick. Both you and Shane made our night. You went above and beyond, literally turning the boat around to get the best shot you could. Your experience definitely paid off, dealing with a large bridal party with a very short time frame and yet you still captured every moment. Thanks for bringing fun and enjoyment to our wedding shots! Thank you!! Mat & Alicia!”

Professional Videography

As a photographer, working with some videographers can be very painful indeed. It is crucial that your photographer and videographer get along and work well together. Capture You Videography and Cole Studios work extremely well together and have for many years. For our customers this is a win win situation with guaranteed results.

Capture You Videography and Cole Studios work like one team. We set up shots for each other, we don’t get in each others way and above all we have a mutual respect for each others roles on a wedding day. So please consider our studio partners Capture You Videography. Great people at a great price.

Years of Experience

Cole Studios background was forged in Magazine photography. We Have been shooting since 1999 and have over 400 published shoots. Most photographers wont even get one published shoot in their career.

The beauty about having us photograph your Wedding is we see the little things, like when your lip gloss is gone or when you have a hair band on your wrist, the little things that make up the big picture. Over the years we have dealt with magazine editors, art directors, fashion designers etc.

You name it, we have worked with them and we have developed very specific skills in the process. You wont ever hear excuses from us as we are very thorough in our work. We don’t miss anything. Photographing a Wedding is so much more than just taking photos, we have to be creative and of course we have to be organisers as well.

Wedding photography is as much crowd control as it is photography!

Watch us in action one day and enjoy the show!

Researching Your Photographer

A bride that recently booked Cole Studios had a list of questions for us. If you search Google for Wollongong wedding photographer questions, you can find many good questions to ask. Here are her questions and our responses.

At the very least you should be asking any photographer that you are considering these exact questions. Remember, you have only one chance to get your Wedding right.

Important Questions to Ask Your Photographer

Here are some very important questions you must ask your photographer before paying any deposits etc. Read our answers below.

Who will be photographing our wedding?
The photographer that will be photographing your Wedding is discussed with you and written on your booking form. We do not substitute photographers at a later date or at the last minute. We have two teams of photographers and the team assigned to you wedding will be advised at the time of booking.
How many hours of the wedding do you cover and if the wedding goes over will you stay and what is the cost?
Each package has a different number of hours. After the time has expired, each additional hour is priced at $140 per hour per photographer. We discuss this during the consultation process and work out a time line that works best.
How many photographers cover the wedding and do you have assistants? If so, is this an extra cost?
You can select a package that will use one or two photographers. We use an assistant when needed, however they are not always needed. There is no extra cost if we use an assistant and this is at the sole discretion of the photographer.
What is included in the package and do we get a copy of all the photos?
The package includes  hours of coverage (this depends on the package you select), prints and a USB Presentation set of all images in high resolution. Our USB sets have a full Colour & a full B&W set of images on the USB. You are free to do whatever you like with the images at a later date. They are completely yours.
How many photographs are normally taken during a wedding ceremony / reception?
During the average Wedding we usually take approximately 1200-1500 photos.
Are there different wedding packages we can choose from?
Absolutely, we have a price list available for your perusal.
Can we give you a list of shots that we want? There are some photos I have seen on your facebook profile that I love!
Absolutely, we are very open to input and requests from you. Many brides send us photos as they see them. We keep a file and on your special day we will replicate them (as many as we can).
Do you have backup equipment?
Absolutely. We have backup equipment and have considered every possible failure scenario. We even run dual memory cards in our cameras in case one memory card fails. We carry at least two of everything, even the very expensive Mobile studio kit we use. We have had failures before on shoots and we have always had extra equipment to cover those failures. Failures are very rare as we use the best equipment possible. We have built redundancy into all our procedures and equipment.
Do you have backup photographer if you are sick?
Yes we do, Anthony Edwards covers me if I am sick. He shoots the same as I do and is trained by me. Having said that, in 16 years and over 1400 Weddings, I have never had to have a day off due to sickness at a Wedding. Even with a fractured left arm, I still photographed a wedding three days later. We have every possible contingency covered. We take our job and the faith you put in us very seriously. We wont let you down. 
Do you backup your photos and if so when?
The photos are immediately saved on dual memory cards right in the camera. This means every photo taken actually has two copies. When the memory cards are full, they are stored in special humidity free cases and zipped up in the camera bag. On arrival back at the studio (at the end of the night) they are immediately uploaded to our computers and also backed up to our RAID 6 Synology storage device. But we go even further and then backup to a second RAID 6 storage device. Your precious photos are very secure and we have multiple copies. We even keep a back up copy in our massive Chubb fire proof safe, just to be extra sure. 
Can other people take photos while you are taking photos?
Absolutely. As long as we have taken our photos first, we then give others an opportunity to take their photos. We like to take the first photo so that everyone is looking at our camera. The only exception to this is other professional photographers. We have had issues in the past where people are starting their own photography business and basically come in after we have setup each shot, then put it on their Facebook as their own work. This is not allowed.
What types of photos will be taken?
We take lots of photos with lots of variety at our Weddings. We use studio and natural light, we take fun and also more romantic shots. We have never had an unhappy customer. We don’t miss anything. We are very proactive.

Wedding Portfolio

Wedding Makeup

No Bride is complete without a makeup artist. Our makeup artist Jacinta Hansen is the best in the business. Affordable, quick (around 20 minutes per makeup) and Jacinta comes to you. With Jacinta doing your makeup we guarantee results. Jacinta also holds the position of the main makeup artist for WIN TV, so you have already seen much of her work.

Cole Studios recommends Jacinta Hansen for all your makeup needs. Jacinta’s makeup can be stormy & dark or light and natural and anything in between. Jacinta  does nearly all of our  weddings and we have never had a single complaint. Once our Brides get Jacinta to do their makeup, they love it so much that many of them re-book Jacinta for all their other functions.

Jacinta is number one and we highly recommend her.

Making The Right Choice

When booking Cole Studios, you are guaranteeing your own team of photographers for your event. Meet us, get to know us and allow us to work with you to achieve the results you want.

We allow for individual tastes. It is your day – you tell us… we can be totally unobtrusive and collect less formal shots or combine casual and formal shoots.

We can travel with you. We have even captured a wedding in Fiji! Have camera will travel. Cole Studios knows the local area and our wet weather plan is not simply a dry weather plan with umbrellas, as we are able to suggest other locations.

Wedding Package Pricelist

We have a variety of Wedding Packages depending on your requirements.


Affordable packages for most budgets

Packages from $1295 to $2895


We Specialise in Weddings

This is not our second job!


International multi award winning

Do Your Research

As with everything involving your wedding, make sure to do your research. Post on Facebook that you are considering using Cole Studios for your Wedding photography and watch the feedback that you will receive. We have a stellar reputation as we don’t ever do things by halves.

Photography is our passion and it shows in our work and our attitude towards your special day. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Make an enquiry now, you will not be disappointed in our quality or pricing.

Discounts and Special offers

Specials valid from 1st August 2017


10% Wedding discount

If held in June or July (Platinum package only)


2 x Free Photo Prints (11"x14")

When you pay 50% of your wedding balance in June or July.
Valid for Weddings held from August to May.


FREE Studio Light in June or July ($300 saving)

Only available in the Platinum package

Talk to Cole Studios Today About Your Upcoming Wedding

Cole Studios is the premier Wollongong Wedding Photographer for your special day.

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