Wollongong Wedding Photography Locations

The best locations for formal photos. Popular spots that couples ask for time and time again.

Illawarra Wedding Photography Locations

The Definitive List of the Best Wedding Photography Locations in Wollongong
One of the most common questions asked by Wedding couples is “Where are the best locations to take formal photos?” Below you will find a fairly comprehensive list of the best Wollongong Wedding photography locations. This list is by no means complete, but these are the popular spots that couples ask for time and time again.

Some locations are relatively close and others require a bit more driving time. The formal photos are the photos between the ceremony and the reception. These locations are crucial to the success of your Wedding photography and Cole Studios know all the locations for the best photos.

If you are a Cole Studios customer, please ask away. If you are not a Cole Studios customer then please contact your own photographer for any advice and photography locations as any further information is exclusively for our customers.

Wollongong Botanic Gardens

Wollongong Botanic Gardens is a very scenic place for Wedding photography. There are lots of great backgrounds and they change with the seasons. At the gardens there is an old fig tree that we love to photograph under, as well as the Rose Gardens and the old red Japanese bridge. It is a very convenient and very picturesque location. There is lots of street parking and limited onsite parking with easy access right into the garden. Disabled and wheelchair access is good and there are also public toilets. It’s a fantastic location to shoot photos, and close to the center of Wollongong.

George’s Vintage Village

This is our exclusive secret location. We don’t give out the address to anyone but our own customers. If you have booked Cole Studios we will show you were it is, if you have not booked us then we suggest you ask your own photographer. If you are after a rustic vintage feel for your photos then please consider George’s Vintage Village. George has invested a lot of time (and money) making a fantastic wedding location for formal photos. Before each wedding George (pictured) sets up all the props for the location. Bookings for this venue are just $100 and guarantee’s you exclusive access to the venue (you wont have to compete with any other wedding parties for up to an hour and a half). Bookings are essential. This is a Cole Studios recommended wedding photography location.

Illawarra Rhododendron Gardens

The Illawarra Rhododendron Gardens are located at the top of Mount Ousley just up Cabbage Tree lane from Fairy Meadow. There is a large pond with a little jetty pushing out over it. This is also a great place for a ceremony. There are lots of scenic places to shoot Wedding photography and the gardens are fairly close to Wollongong. This location has disabled and wheelchair access and public toilets. Plenty of onsite parking. More images coming soon (when the park is open!).

Sandon Point

Sandon point is at Bulli, right next to the beach. It’s a scenic location for the ceremony and formal photos. There are views right out to the escarpment and the other direction right out to sea. Currently there is construction work going on but this work is scheduled to finish mid year. There are public toilets onsite, however we are not sure if they will still be there when the construction finishes as they are portable toilets. There is disabled and wheelchair access with plenty of onsite parking.

Glennifer Brae

Glennifer Brae is one of the oldest Manor’s in Wollongong and is open to the public. The old sandstone building makes for great backdrops and the surrounding gardens are very photogenic. There is plenty of parking onsite and toilets at this location too. If yo are after something a little different that is still a relatively well kept secret, then consider Glennifer Brae in Wollongong.  

Belmore Basin (The Lighthouse)

Belmore Basin is the area that contains the smaller lighthouse in Wollongong. There is a small beach and it has a rustic feel which I like. There is lots of parking and easy driving access right to the waters edge. There is disabled and wheelchair access but no Public toilets. Plenty of onsite parking and a great place to shoot photos.

Kanahooka Pier

Overlooking the lake is Kanahooka Pier. The pier is an old wooden pier and has a rustic feel about it. Its very long and lends itself to some very artistic and natural light shots. Disabled and Wheel chair access but no public toilets. Plenty of onsite parking.

Pier 4 – Port Kembla

Down at the docks, just around from where the huge ocean cargo liners anchor, there is an old breakwater pier called Pier 4. Rusty old train tracks run the length of the pier and the background is pure ocean as far as the eye can see. It’s a historic place to shoot with a rustic kind of feel. An old wooden walkway towers out over the waters edge. Pier 4 is a very scenic place to have your formal photos taken. Has disabled and wheelchair access and public toilets. Plenty of onsite parking.

Mount Keira Scout Camp

If you like the rainforest / Twilight look, then the Scout Camp may be for you. Its name might say ‘Scout Camp’ but when you arrive and see the old sandstone lodge built in the 1940’s and the pristine rainforest wilderness, you will be very impressed. The rainforest trees are huge and they are literally hundreds of years old. If your considering a ceremony there are three places where you can get married at the Scout camp. The Lodge, the Glenn and the Rainforest Chapel. The lodge provides a wet weather location which can be handy. Disabled and wheelchair access and public toilets. Plenty of onsite parking. Great for wet weather.

Killalea State Park – Shellharbour

Although this location is a little out of the way, we really like to shoot here. The view is amazing and there is a lot of variety in the backgrounds. There is a gazebo to get married in and a nice old stone wall behind it which makes for a very rustic background. If you like that nice green grass and blue sky look then Killalea may be perfect for you. There is disabled and wheelchair access and public toilets. Disabled access to the Gazebo can be arranged on request. Plenty of onsite parking.

Wollongong Wedding Photography Locations

Which Location to Choose?

With so many options, this can be a difficult choice. Cole Studios are great at organising the whole day, so if you tell us your requirements and preferences, we can select the perfect location for you. We also have a few other “secret” locations that we only reveal to our clients, so you can be assured that we know all the best locations to make your day perfect… even if the weather doesn’t want to cooperate.

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